Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA)

Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is the award winning, national Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) for women and girls with all types of disability in Australia. Managed and run by women with disability, for women and girls with disability.




August 2020

Our role

Design, Development, Project management

Want a look?

Launch site


Ionata Digital have partnered with WWDA to deliver accessible websites since 2012 when we carefully migrated the amazing repository of content created by WWDA Executive Director, Carolyn Frohmader into a content managed website. Since then we have gone on to create sites for WWDA Youth, Disabled People’s Organisations Australia and now a brand new WWDA website for 2020.

Accessible by design

From day one we knew that the WWDA website had to be super accessible so we made sure that the site was accessible from the ground-up. With assistance from the Information Access Group to double check our work we produced a beautiful and accessible site which will support WWDA in the years to come.

Promoting, protecting and advancing the human rights and freedoms of women and girls with disability in Australia.