Visit South Gippsland

Victoria’s most popular regional shire needed a better online representation of their offering to promote visitation, and ultimately tourism spend.

A quality destination website can help to attract visitors to a region, promote townships and local businesses, and drive investment. It can also help to engage and motivate our local communities and provide a valuable information source for those looking to relocate to permanently.

The client committed to creating fresh and engaging content that targets key audiences. In tandem, we designed a modern, clean and user-friendly website to help them achieve significant goals.

We approached the identified user personas to create a suite of user interface components that allowed clients to directly engage local operators in the creation of content, events and business profiles.

We then tied this data into useable features including a custom design map interface and ‘point-to-point’ touring routes, dynamically generated on the fly in the back-end of the site.

A directory that sources the best of the region and promotes it to visitors and locals

This destination website not only promotes tourism but also supports the local economy by highlighting regional businesses and attractions across South Gippsland.

At the heart of the website is a detailed local directory that encompasses a wide array of businesses and attractions integral to the region’s tourism appeal. This includes accommodations ranging from cozy bed-and-breakfasts to luxurious retreats, various attractions and tour services that showcase the natural and cultural heritage of the area, and a range of events from lively festivals to community gatherings. Additionally, the website features an extensive selection of food and beverage establishments that highlight local produce and cuisine, as well as retail and craft shops offering unique local products and artisan crafts.

A key feature of the website is its direct engagement with local business owners. Eligible businesses can apply for free listings, allowing them to manage their profiles and update their offerings. This inclusion not only keeps the directory fresh but also fosters community involvement and pride, ensuring that the content remains vibrant and reflective of the area's dynamic business landscape.

Impact and evolution

Since its launch, the Visit South Gippsland website has significantly enhanced the region's tourism profile and economic vitality. The platform has attracted a greater number of visitors, effectively promoting both well-known attractions and hidden local gems. The website is equipped with ongoing analytics and feedback mechanisms, which help it to evolve continually and adapt to changing user needs and market conditions.

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