Bruny: Island of Hidden Stories

To experience Bruny, we mean really experience it, take your time.

Bruny Island Tourism didn’t just need a new website, they needed a new digital visitor experience! They wanted to both showcase all the island has to offer, and provide useful information for visitors on how to interact with this pristine and unique part of Tasmania.

We created a modern, bespoke website that focuses on visitor experiences – walks, accommodation, food, activities and events – and combines that with awesome articles and insights to provide local knowledge. We also provided way finding to connect these ideas across website by following the ‘white wallaby’.

Ionata worked with local talents to include a digital and offline illustrated map (Cathy McAuliffe is amazing), the mesmerising ‘Take Your Time’ video (produced by Ashton and Peek and starring Naarah) to provide visitors with the WHOLE visitor package. We are proud to have this beauty out in the world.