Hello Hobart

What’s the best way to explore what’s going on in Hobart? How do visitors find points of interest? And how can we help businesses advertise their events?

The team at Hello Hobart have a lot on their plates and they needed to make sure that that the content on the Hello Hobart stays up to date, relevant and moves as quickly as the seasons!

They also needed a website that had a layout and architecture that supported the new and exciting brand options.

When we talked to the HH team we soon realised that they needed a solution that would make their lives easier and support them to create fresh and appealing content.

We created simple landing pages that showcased the clean and stylish brand and we supported that with automated technology to bring in event listings via Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) event information and a streamlined business listing process.

The result is a simple yet stunning showcase of what is going on in and around Hobart. It is an easy and accessible resource for locals and visitors alike to find out what’s on, where to shop, where to eat and drink, and where to stay.

Up-to-date and accurate information for visitors considering Hobart

Hello Hobart serves as a hub for exploring the city's offerings, from events and shopping to dining and accommodations. The challenge was to ensure that the content on the website remained current, engaging, and reflective of Hobart's lively atmosphere, which shifts with the seasons. Additionally, Hello Hobart needed a digital solution that supported its evolving brand while enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

To automate and streamline content updates, particularly for event listings, we integrated the website with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This integration allows for constant updates of events and attractions, ensuring that visitors always have access to the latest information. This feature is crucial for a destination website like Hello Hobart, where event schedules and details frequently change.

The revamped Hello Hobart website has transformed into a stunning and effective showcase of Hobart’s vibrant community and its offerings. It serves as an accessible resource where both locals and tourists can discover current events, shop, dine, and find accommodations. The ease of navigation and the timely updates of content, powered by the ATDW integration, ensure that the website remains a valuable and reliable tool for discovering Hobart.

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