Bargain Car Rentals

We have had the pleasure of forging a long-standing partnership with Bargain Car Rentals, a proudly Australian-owned and operated company rooted in Hobart, Tasmania. Our collaboration underscores the critical role that strategic digital solutions play in driving business growth and enhancing operational efficiency.

Over the years, our relationship with Bargain Car Rentals has evolved into an enduring partnerships in the digital realm. We have supported them through significant transitions and enhancements, aligning their digital strategies with business objectives to ensure sustainable growth. This ongoing commitment allows us to deeply understand their operational needs and tailor our solutions to meet the evolving demands of the car rental market.

Easy online service

We completely overhauled our client's e-commerce system, especially their online booking process. Our custom solution integrates seamlessly with their Rental Car Manager system, streamlining both functionality and user experience. This simplifies complex processes for customers, reflecting our commitment to user-centric design.

Following the success of our booking system overhaul, we launched a digital self check-in app. This innovation minimises wait times, streamlining the rental process and boosting both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Bargain Car Rentals not only improved its operations but also boosted its position as a leader in the competitive car rental industry.

Underpinning national business growth

By optimising their online presence and implementing targeted SEO strategies, Bargain Car Rentals have significantly increased web traffic and booking conversions.

This approach ensures that Bargain Car Rentals not only attracts new customers but also builds lasting relationships with them, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

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