Gowans Auctions

Gowans Auctions is a 100% Tasmanian owned institution, and taking the business online meant keeping the unique bidding experience while providing remote access to bid.

Attending an auction can be a modern day treasure hunt! For many people it’s a social event with the opportunity to acquire a vast range of items at a reasonable cost. For others, it’s a little trickier to attend and bid.⁣⁣

⁣⁣Gowans Auctions asked for our help to make it easier to list all the lots in their auctions and simplify the absentee bid process so people could take part in auctions online. We set up a website that helped Gowans manage the auction process and bidders to engage from wherever they are!

Transitioning to a digital platform

Understanding the importance of maintaining Gowans Auctions’ unique bidding atmosphere while enabling remote access, we developed a custom web application tailored to their specific needs. This transition was critical as it allowed Gowans Auctions to retain the thrill and excitement of a live auction while accommodating bidders who could not attend in person. The digital platform replicates the in-person experience with real-time bidding functionalities and detailed lot descriptions, making it as engaging as the physical auction floor.

The centrepiece of our collaboration was the implementation of a robust e-commerce solution that streamlined the online bidding process. This system not only simplified listing and managing auction lots but also made it easier for users to place absentee bids. The platform features a user-friendly interface where bidders can view detailed images and descriptions, place bids, and even participate in live auctions remotely. This accessibility has significantly broadened the market reach of Gowans Auctions, attracting both bargain hunters and serious collectors from across the globe.

Expanding market reach

The new digital capabilities have transformed Gowans Auctions from a local player to a prominent name in the global auction market. By lowering geographical and physical barriers, we have enabled Gowans Auctions to reach a wider audience, including international bidders who are now able to participate in Tasmania’s vibrant auction scene from anywhere in the world.

Our commitment to Gowans Auctions extends beyond the initial launch of the website. We continue to provide ongoing support and iterative improvements based on user feedback and changing market conditions. This includes regular updates to the auction platform to introduce new features and ensure the system remains secure and efficient in handling a high volume of transactions.

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