Burgh Cycling

A premium cycling brand elevated to new heights.

We’ve achieved a site that is uniquely our clients. It showcases their products and business in a professional way. This was vital since they operate with and compete globally – it’s really raised the bar in the way they are perceived, they no longer have a website like a backyard brand.

We took time to understand the brand, understand the business goals and recommend the best solution. Integrating the best of Shopify as an eCommerce service with the best of WordPress as a CMS. We delivered a fast, performant and optimised solution, ready to trade hard and fulfil lofty revenue goals.

We’ve achieved more eCommerce sales, many more inquiries about our products, a heap more traffic, a lower bounce rate and a lot of great feedback about the site - which makes us chuffed.

The design process was incredibly simple and communication was thorough throughout. We were asked about what we wanted from the new site, how we’d interact with it, what’s most important and a plethora of other questions that made us feel like Ionata wanted to understand our business from inside, out.

– Thomas Gray, founder and Director, Burgh Cycling

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