We delivered an accessible and flexible front-end for this iconic Australian brand, to be used by Blundstone distributors around the world, tailored to their local market.

Blundstone, and Australian success story, has captivated customers worldwide with their hard wearing yet stylish boots. Rich heritage and expanding global reach, required a digital solution that could streamline its international distribution while maintaining the brand identity for which it is known.

The company operates sophisticated digital retail channels in key markets including Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, where its websites not only embody the Blundstone brand but also provide a highly customer-focused e-commerce experience.

Outside these primary markets, Blundstone works with an extensive network of over 70 distributors, each previously tasked with creating and managing their own brand websites. These sites needed unification and a global style to reflect the Blundstone brand accurately while being tailored to local markets and languages. A situation that presented challenges in terms of brand consistency and operational efficiency.

A scaleable go-to-market toolkit

Recognising the need for greater synergy and uniformity across its global platforms, we partnered with Blundstone to overhaul its digital approach to deliver ecommerce platform for international distributors.

Our mission was to develop a flexible, accessible, and easily deployable front-end solution that distributors worldwide could use and customise according to their local market requirements.

We designed and developed a versatile WordPress and WooCommerce theme, drawing inspiration from the successful US-based Blundstone website. This theme was engineered to support multiple languages and regional adaptations, ensuring that each distributor could maintain local relevance while upholding the global brand standards set by Blundstone.

Flexibility and localisation

The ecommerce theme we developed is both robust and adaptable, designed specifically to meet international web accessibility standards. This ensures that all users, regardless of location or ability, can navigate the sites with ease. The flexibility of the theme allows for significant customisation, enabling distributors to incorporate local content, cultural nuances, and language-specific features without compromising on functionality or brand coherence.

In addition to the core ecommerce functionalities, the theme includes advanced features such as dynamic product displays, integrated customer reviews, and region-specific promotional tools. These features enhance the shopping experience and provide Blundstone’s distributors with powerful tools to engage their audiences effectively.

Rollout and impact

The new WordPress and WooCommerce theme has now been adopted by Blundstone distributors across various countries.

The new digital framework has not only streamlined the brand’s global digital presence but has also reinforced brand consistency across different markets.

Importantly, distributors have reported enahanced management capability, improved customer engagement, and increased sales.

We continue to support Blundstone and its distributors as they adapt to evolving market demands and technological advancements. We provide ongoing training, updates, and technical support to ensure that the network of distributor websites remain current, secure, and effective in delivering exceptional user experiences.

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