A Conversation with Bargain Car Rentals

We sat down with Bargain Car Rentals’ general manager Matt Montgomery to discuss the importance of digital channels to their growing business.

Ionata Digital has worked closely with Bargain Car Rentals for over 15 years, first providing web hosting and then expanding the relationship to provide design, development and support for the business’s key public facing channel for bookings, their website.

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leaders

Since 2005, Bargain Car Rentals has seen exponential growth from 22 staff members, 50 vehicles, and one location to over 300 staff, nearly 5,000 vehicles, and 14 locations. “It’s been a really exciting journey,” reflects Montgomery. This growth trajectory underscores the company’s commitment to offering new cars at bargain prices without compromising on quality; a strategy that has clearly resonated with customers.

The Digital Front Door

Recognising the modern consumer’s preference for digital interactions, Bargain Car Rentals, with Ionata’s support, has made its website and digital channels the front door to its business. This approach not only enhances customer experience but also broadens their market reach from local to global, attracting customers from Hobart, Tasmania, to Europe and America.

“We are a young business that understands the importance of our digital channels and what they bring to the business” says Montgomery. “It allows us to source more customers and serve more customers quicker and more efficiently”.

Montgomery’s recount of the working relationship with Ionata Digital reveals a dynamic of mutual respect and collaboration. Whether navigating through innovative ideas or ensuring the digital strategies align with business goals, the partnership thrives on a “can-do attitude” and a shared vision.

Looking Forward

As Bargain Car Rentals continues to expand its fleet and locations, the role of digital channels in sourcing and serving customers becomes increasingly central. The company’s digital transformation, fuelled by the partnership with Ionata Digital, positions it strongly in a competitive market, ready to adapt to future challenges and opportunities.

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