Geelong Grammar School

Australia’s leading institution for primary and secondary education entrusted us with a monumental task: to unify and elevate their digital presence. We crafted our most successful digital solution to date, transforming a complex array of legacy systems into a cohesive, state-of-the-art digital platform.

The core challenge was developing a comprehensive web strategy that not only streamlined numerous outdated platforms but also set a dynamic new digital direction. This strategy needed to cater to a diverse audience, including existing community members and prospective students and their families.

Our solution began with a meticulous review of the existing technical infrastructure and strategic requirements. We proposed a unified technology framework, which involved a significant overhaul and integration of various systems. This approach included a thorough restructure and rewrite of existing content to enhance clarity and engagement, paired with a sophisticated redesign of the public-facing website. This revitalised web presence is designed to meet the diverse needs of all stakeholders while showcasing the institution’s commitment to excellence and accessibility.

Working in tandem with the client, we managed to create a unified vision for an institution with multiple campuses, numerous stakeholders and competing marketing directions.

We successfully realized the project's ambitious vision, setting a robust foundation for the school's future digital endeavors. Our design team developed a unique, modern, and polished user interface library, which was essential in achieving a cohesive digital experience. This comprehensive suite of design components was meticulously crafted from concept to code, ensuring consistency across all content types required on the website.

This strategic development was aimed at enhancing site usability and ensuring an engaging user experience, critical factors in improving the site's SEO performance. By focusing on creating a uniform design language and integrating SEO-friendly content practices, we ensured that the new platform not only meets the current needs of the school's diverse community but also scales effectively for future growth and enhancements. This approach not only aligns with best SEO practices but also positions the school's digital presence at the forefront of educational innovation.

Secure and scaleable hosting which kept all data within Australia were key requirements for this project.

As an AWS Partner, we brought a wealth of expertise in deploying cloud solutions tailored specifically for educational institutions, schools and colleges. For Geelong Grammar School, we utilised Amazon Web Services (AWS) to construct a custom-managed hosting solution that ensures robust security and scalability.

Our approach integrates several AWS services, including Amazon EC2 for dependable hosting, Amazon Aurora for high-performance database needs, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for effective management of images and files. This strategic use of AWS technology supports the school’s current and future digital infrastructure needs, providing a secure and dynamic environment that fosters educational excellence.

Post-launch, our site reflects who we are; serving our audience with meaning and impact. Feedback from our community on appearance, navigability and brand has been positive. And Internally, the improved backend of the site has allowed staff to manage and present content with greater efficiency and ease.

– Geelong Grammar School, Marketing & Communications Manager