Women With Disability Australia

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is the national Disabled People’s Organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights and empowerment of women and girls with disabilities across Australia. As an organisation managed by and for women with disabilities, WWDA has been a pivotal voice in the community.

Since 2012, Ionata Digital has partnered with WWDA to enhance their online presence through the creation of highly accessible websites. Our initial task involved a migration of an extensive repository of content into a newly developed content-managed website. This foundational work set up a long term partnership and we have continued to deliver exceptional accessibility standards for this vital organisation.

Understanding the critical importance of accessibility, we built the WWDA website from the ground up with this focus.

Given the target audience, a critical aspect of our work involved elevating the website's accessibility. This meant adhering to the highest standards of web accessibility guidelines (WCAG) to ensure that all users, regardless of their abilities, could navigate the site effectively. We implemented features like keyboard navigability, screen reader compatibility, and adjustable text sizes to accommodate various disabilities.

A strategic approach to delivering a great outcome

To truly tailor the website to its users' needs, we established mechanisms for ongoing user engagement and feedback. Interactive elements such as surveys, polls, and feedback forms were incorporated to gather insights directly from the community WWDA serves. This feedback has been instrumental in continuous website improvement, ensuring that the platform evolves in response to user needs and preferences.

The project also involved developing a strategic content management plan to ensure that the wealth of resources provided by WWDA was organised logically and effectively. We implemented a dynamic content management system that allows WWDA staff to update and manage content independently, ensuring the website remains a current and valuable resource. The system supports various content types, including articles, reports, multimedia, and interactive tools, all easily accessible to users.

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