Tasmania Police Recruitment

Robust, optimised and functional critical infrastructure for key state government agency.


Tasmania Police


October 2017

Our role

Design, Development

Want a look?

Launch site

The brief

How do you take the potentially daunting task of redesigning both the look and the functionality of the website of a critically important state government department, while keeping within strict budget limitations? How do you push a recruitment campaign statewide, deliver it on time, and measure the results?

Tasmania Police was committed to providing easily accessible information through their website. They identified the need to improve the visual appeal, clarity and functionality of their website to allow for real-time uploads, in-house updates and spikes in traffic during times of crisis or emergency – all within concise budget limitations. Concurrently, they were making a recruitment push, directed at drawing more women into the police force, and their current recruitment pages weren’t giving them the flexibility to match the glossy, polished print campaign about to go live.

The solution

We worked in collaboration with Before Creative to deliver a strong, beautiful recruitment campaign, across both print and digital platforms. We worked closely with Tasmania Police to ensure that information was delivered concisely and clearly, while prioritising the visual appeal. Most importantly, we pulled the recruitment pages out from the depths of the Tasmania Police website, and created a whole new recruitment website to ensure it was given the spotlight it deserves.

The result

We produced a quality content management result, on budget, that delivered a fast, clear, high availability web presence for Tasmania Police. Recruitment applications are up, site visits have increased, and Tas Police can get on with doing what they do best.

A safe, secure and resilient Tasmania.