Inspiring Tasmania

Mad about meteorology? Fanatical about physics? Encouraging Tasmanian organisations to connect science and community.


The University of Tasmania


April 2019

Our role

Design, Development, Project management

Want a look?

Launch site

The brief

Formerly known as WhySci, Inspiring Tasmania aims to contribute to a strong, open relationship between science and society, and to promote community engagement with the sciences by providing a portal to local science events, news and resources.

They needed a new website to accommodate a growing list of organisations wanting to promote STEM events, but lacked the internal resources to produce content daily. They needed a user-driven solution that maintained a high level of quality assurance.


The solution

To be a guide to what’s on in Tasmania that people trust, keeping the website up-to-date was crucial. So we developed a simple user registration process for event organisers in the Tasmanian science community to contribute to the site.

Basically requiring the community to run the site, right? Right!

Responsive and clean-lined, the layouts are easy to navigate and provide event information to users with absolute clarity. The result is a perfect scientific balance between ease-of-use and functionality.

Connect. Learn. Inspire.