Huon Aquaculture

As a business, Huon Aquaculture focus strongly on value adding. Their digital strategy is defined by this. The final component of a digital value add was implementation of a functional, visual and impressive online store.


Huon Aquaculture


March 2018

Our role

Design, eCommerce, Project management

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Launch site

The brief

Huon Aqua lovingly produce some of the world’s finest premium salmon and ocean trout.  As locals, we know this to be true (Yes, we did try pretty well the entire range.), but in a competitive national and international market, how do you communicate to consumers the benefits of your product?

The solution

The project certainly threw up some interesting challenges. The brand is extremely visible locally but is a much smaller fish (sorry) in the national and international markets. We decided early on that a ‘simple is best’ approach would work hardest for the brand – let the pristine scenery of Tasmania and the top quality of the produce do the talking. That said, we know that simple doesn’t always mean easy. It was agreed early that positive results would only be achieved by sticking to 4 major principles:

  1. Simple is best
  2. Content is king
  3. Works on all screens, all the time
  4. Let the product do the talking (sell, sell, sell)

The result

We went through extensive planning and strategy phases with the team at Huon Aquaculture. Throughout planning it was clear that we needed to leverage and then enhance the existing brand capital through rich, functional and usable content. We narrowed the key target users and nailed the functions, workflows and conversion goals required for each. We crafted the user interface, type treatments and overarching styles in partnership with Before Creative and developed the site on WordPress. Just as much time was spent on the ‘delighters’ (those little things that make you say ‘ooh, that’s nice’) as the core layouts. It’s these little things that make the site memorable, usable and ultimately successful.

The world's most loved salmon.

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