Don’t get stuck with a one size fits all solution. Government projects have similar challenges but each solution is unique.

We provide large-scale, reliable cloud services to customised apps and user friendly websites to help you communicate with multiple audiences all the time.

Key challenges

  • Many audiences

    Meeting the competing needs of many different user groups is vital for any level of government. So many government organisations or departments offer multiple services to multiple types of visitor.

  • Always on

    Especially when you are responsible for communicating changes in your community, the one rule is: the content must be available. You need reliable and consistent service with limited and manageable downtime.

  • Business priorities

    Balancing the internal interests with external audiences is a key challenge for all levels of government. When we build a website we need to make sure that a business area's needs are balanced with the priorities of the users.

  • Clarity

    Providing clear information about processes that can seem complicated is vital for a service-oriented government website. Finding information about processes and then how to engage with your organisation will help all your customers.

  • Online service

    Providing as much self service as possible, to avoid extra calls and emails, will lighten the load of every government office. If you can provide information, forms, portals, integrations or applications that reduce the need for face to face or phone calls, your website does the work for you.

Some of our government clients

  • Glenorchy City Council

    A vibrant hub of community and activity supporting one of Tasmania's fastest growing local governments.

  • Department for Education, Children and Young People

    We support the Department for Education, Children and Young People website and a number of other campaign and business unit websites for the department.

  • Kingborough Council

    One of the five municipalities that constitutes the Greater Hobart Area.

  • Metro Tasmania

    Long term partnership with Tasmania's public transport provider covering website, journey planning, ticketing and mobile apps.

  • State Emergency Service (SES)

    SES provide emergency response services for severe storms and floods, road crash rescue, and a range of other general rescue and community support roles through coordinating volunteers.

Some of our government projects