When taking on the task of redeveloping the entire Metro Tasmania online experience, there was only one sensible place to start: at the very beginning. We went back to first principles and began surveying Metro website users to find out what was most important to them.

By integrating survey responses (which provided qualitative data) with existing website usage analytics (quantitative) the immediate needs and key tasks of website users were very clear. What was also clear was the level of user satisfaction as they completed those tasks: there was room for improvement, so the question became how do we best serve the consumers?

Our data collection went hand-in-hand with collaboration with Metro to identify their key business drivers. From these key information sources we developed robust requirements for both a complete redevelopment of the Metro Tasmania website and complementary iPhone app.



Metro Tasmania Website

A responsive, well-designed website that meets user needs

A new website design highlighted key user functionality and integrated Metro’s real-time communication with customers.  The design placed the Trip Planner front and centre of the homepage, allowing consumers to personalise information about their own trip. It also made the maps and timetable information much more user friendly.

The internal communication process for networks alerts was significantly streamlined in the redevelopment. Metro now need only post network announcements in one place, and it is automatically published across multiple channels, including the website, iPhone app and Twitter feed.

New features of the site also include a travel tips section, which provides advice for commuters and tourists alike, and a well-developed careers section, which was very important to Metro’s internal recruitment processes.

To top it all off the Metro Tasmania website features a responsive design that is optomised for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. So the website will meet traveler’s needs whether they are planning their next trip from their office or checking their Greencard balance while out and about.



An app that personalises key travel features

To develop the Metro app we asked the question, what do most people want when they are on the move? The answer is that they want to know when their next bus is coming, if there have been any network changes they should know about, and to ensure that their Greencard is paid up with credit – and to top it up if it isn’t!

With this in mind, we refined our focus to the Trip Planner, the Greencard management system and integrating the network alerts feed. The user flow and interface is simple, accessible and intuitive and provides fast access to useful information.

Metro Tasmania iPhone App

The app and website have demonstrably met user needs and, at the end of the day, a strong research and planning phase at the start has resulted in happy travellers and happy clients.

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