Gowans Auctions

Search, bid, BUY! Selling an average of 1000 lots a week (!), Gowans Auctions are a 100% Tasmanian owned institution. ⁣⁣




July 2020

Our role

Design, Development, eCommerce, Project management

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Launch site

The brief

Attending an auction can be an exciting and memorable experience. It’s a modern day treasure hunt! For many people it’s a social event with the opportunity to acquire a vast range of items at a reasonable cost. For others, it’s a little trickier to attend and bid.⁣⁣
Gowans Auctions asked for our help to make it easier to list all the lots in their auctions and simplify the absentee bid process so people could take part in auctions online.

Search. Bid. Buy.

Bid and Buy Online

You can now browse from your couch, add items to your wishlist, you can even submit your absentee bids online. With sold prices and past auction information available, you are able to do your own valuation research, or if you’d like a hand, contact one of Gowans’ experienced professionals for an estimate. What more could you possibly want? (Well, maybe some vintage spoons. Or a japanese woodworking chisel? A gramophone, or some Bentwood chairs?)⁣⁣
New items uploaded every Wednesday, and auctions taking place every Friday.⁣⁣
Check out Gowans’ new website and get yourself prepped for this week’s auction – you know you want (NEED) that ukelele…