VITAL Online

The Allergen Bureau’s VITAL® (Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling) Program is a standardised allergen risk assessment process for the food industry and we turned it into an interactive online tool used by food producers around the world.


Allergen Bureau


April 2021

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Design, Development, eCommerce, Project management

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VITAL Online

VITAL Online is the user-friendly, web-based VITAL Calculator. VITAL Online allows you to store the allergen status of ingredients and processing profiles for use in multiple recipes, record the assumptions in your VITAL risk assessment, and create an Action Level report using the interactive VITAL Action Level Grid.

The science behind VITAL Online was developed by the Allergen Bureau to help food producers manage the risks around allergens and to provide a framework to communicate with their customers based on legislative requirements in their target markets. Pretty complex stuff determining when to report allergens that are deliberately or incidentally introduced to recipes via ingredients or due to shared processing facilities.

We worked closely with the Allergen Bureau to simplify the complex science and make it easy for food producers to manage their recipe definitions and keep track of their allergen risks.

Finally a standardised allergen risk assessment process for the food industry

Making membership management easy

Allergen Bureau members and other users subscribe to access VITAL Online. With a wide range of big and small customers it was important that we made membership and subscription features as easy to manage as possible.

Our team developed subscription management feature which allows users to subscribe using a number of different payment methods with automated invoicing and reminders, drastically reducing the time required for the Allergen Bureau to manage subscriptions each month.