Our friendly team

We’ve been around the block.

Ionata was founded 18 years ago, which is almost older than some of our staff*. We are regarded as industry leaders, but we’re nothing without our team.

So who’s who in this zoo?

*outright lie, but give it a few years…

Martin Anderson

Managing Director. Founder. Boss. Supplier of donuts.

Martin likes baking, NBA, and Netflix trash. Ask him to deliver you some sourdough next weekend!

Favourite project? gulliver.

Toby Wilson

Creative Director. Maker of things that look good.

Often sighted in the wild in lycra. Loves a bike. Loves a beer. Loves his family.

Favourite project? Huon Aquaculture Sustainability Dashboard

Jordanna Elder

Senior Account Manager. Charmer of clients and staff alike.

Loves to game, lift, cook, sew, and parent. Oh and her husband's in a band. AND she has the best (only) accent in the office. Come say hi!

Favourite project? SES Tasmania

Pat Skotniczny

Development Team Leader. Top of the dev pile.

Loves a homebrew. Dry hop anyone? Speaks fluent Polish (apparently - could be gibberish for all we know. Czy ktoś chce piwa?)

Favourite project? Best Fresh Wholesale App

Beth Lawler

Front-end Developer + Designer. Pixel pusher.

Beth likes brewing fruit wine and sewing her own clothes, and she thinks she's hilarious on Instagram. (She also wrote these bios. So humble.)

Favourite project? New Horizons Preschool

Mitchell Phillips

Front-end Developer. Wordpress wrestler.

Apparently the best at table tennis.

Favourite project? Port Arthur Historic Sites

Nat Gordon

Back-end + Flutter developer. :shrug: I got nothing. Who even knows what they do?

Apparently the best at table tennis.

Favourite project? The Orb

Kit Darko

Back-end + Android Developer. (Again, no idea.)

Your favourite federal Greens candidate. Don't vote for them though - we want to keep them!

Favourite project? gulliver.

Benjamin Holstein

System Administrator. Server whisperer. Magician-who-makes-things-work.

As of writing, Benjamin has the youngest Ionata offspring - if he looks tired, he probably is. Be nice to him!

Tim Askey

Web Developer. Does all the things.

Short bio? Is that a stature joke?

Favourite project? The Orb

Giulia Bianchi

Junior developer + designer. Design do-er. Code rookie.

Giulia can do an ashtanga yoga headstand, AND speak Danish. She also splits her time between Australia and Copenhagen. Our most international recruit yet!

Evo Stamatov

Senior Developer. Knower of all things. Backend, frontend, all the ends.

Evo left us for a year, and we all cried so much he came back! Could singlehandedly do all of our jobs with one hand tied behind his back. (He’s our Bulgarian and no you can’t have him! Back off.)

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