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Should you build an app?

We love apps at Ionata Digital. Log on to SnapChat, Yik Yak or Periscope and we’ll be there. If we have headphones in we’re probably listening to Spotify, SoundCloud or a Podcast (give Answer Me This a try). Xero and ANZ goMoney mean we never need stand in line at the bank. We love building apps too. iOS or…

The importance of coffee

Never underestimate the value of a coffee. Since its discovery in the Ethiopian highlands by Kaldi the goatherd, coffee has, for many, become a vital daily ritual – not just for the social aspect, or the chance to get away from our desks, and not just for the regular two-hourly caffeine pick-me-ups… The ritual of the…

Landing pages and why you should care.

Picture you are designing a beautiful new homepage. A page that sums up everything that your organisation is and does with carefully crafted language and evocative photography. You are content knowing that this homepage will set the scene for the rest of your website because this is how people enter your site. Wrong! For most…

A site built on content

A strong website is built on the fairy tale combination of visual design, functionality and content. When balance of these three elements is achieved, it is pure pleasure. Visual design is just sexy, right? When we see those wireframes turned into something that looks simply beautiful then you might as well go home. The site…

7 Secrets to Using Pinterest for Business

So you’re starting to get freaked out by the cost of actually getting anyone on Facebook to see your posts and you’re looking around for other ways to engage your customers online. You have heard a fair bit of chatter about Pinterest, particularly that it drives heaps of traffic. Quantcast rates Pinterest as the 13th most…

Let’s play NBN Cow Pat Bingo

NBN Co spokesman And­rew Sholl said … “Ionata’s building should be ready for service by the end of this month.” (August 2014)

User testing – Don’t dream it.

A brilliant flash of inspiration to create the perfect website design, or cutting edge app, or new user experience. So the next stage is to build it, release it and see what happens. Or, is it?

Hipper than craft beer and single speeds.

SEO – So hot right now. There is optimisation and there is optimisation. To clarify, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a deprecated term. Outside of technical requirements regarding code and semantics, quality progressive SEO is actually just a different name for your digital strategy.

Strategy to the extreme

Content strategy, digital strategy, social media strategy, marketing strategy, corporate strategy, digital content strategy, content marketing strategy, digital marketing social media strategy … and on, until you are are strategically strategising straight into the stratosphere.

Venturing below the fold

To boldly go where no man has gone before… … except the bottom half of your web page is not an unvisited wasteland. It is not the final frontier, nor a strange new world.

Launch. Rinse. Repeat.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your website is live. Box ticked. Job done. Time for a daiquiri and a foot rub… Um, we’ll just stop right there before you get the wrong impression. Your website is not complete. In fact, it’s never complete.

A mobile OS from a whole new perspective…

[ezcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””] At least, that’s what Apple will tell you if you visit their website today. But is the impending launch of iOS7 really as big a deal as we’re led to believe?

What happens in 60 seconds online.

Pause for a moment and think about this; it’s 2013. The Sydney olympics were 13 years ago, we have a female Prime Minister (for now) and we still don’t know what to call this decade (The thousands?)

Happy Birthday KidStyleFile

KidStyleFile is Australia’s first and best baby and kids blog dedicated to bringing you the news on premium, designer and boutique baby and kids clothes, gear and toys. To celebrate it’s 5th birthday, Ionata provided KidStyleFile with a fresh new fully responsive web design.