The Fine Print

Sorry… we hate this as much as you do.

Estimate accuracy

Our estimates are based on our understanding of the requirements as discussed to a point. The budget will be confirmed at completion of specification phase.

The final cost may differ due to changes to requirement or unforeseen circumstances outside our control.


Creation, supply, population and review of content remains sole responsibility of the client unless specifically listed as an item inside an estimate or quote. Any work to undertake these tasks during projects will be charged at our standard hourly rate of $125p.h + GST.

Timely Feedback and Sign off of Milestones

Extended delays in signing off on milestones can lead to additional account management time which will be tracked and invoiced.

Budget is based on a project life spans from the initial kickoff meeting to deploying to product. Our  deployed code is warranted for 30 days and any work outside this time period will be invoiced.

Rates and charges

Our standard development rates are $137.50 per hour including tax.


Support is billed at our standard rates unless covered by a pre-existing support contract.

A discounted rate of $110 per hour including tax is available as pre-purchased support hours. Support provided outside of an existing contract will be billed at our standard rates.

Maintaining current software

For Ionata Digital to host and host or maintain your website we require it to be running a current stable release of all software. This ensures a secure, stable platform which can be reliably maintained by experienced staff. Major platform updates occur frequently and are often quick and easy to undertake but there are exceptions and some upgrades may cause incompatibilities with 3rd party plugins and custom code. Any work to rectify or upgrade systems outside our control will be charged at our standard rates.

We encourage customers to reserve a budget to cover ongoing upgrade costs.

Photography / Stock Art / Font Costs

There may be additional costs associated with the project if images are needed to complete the design. In addition the design may require the purchase of web licenses for the fonts used in the design. These costs are not likely to significantly change the overall project budget but any additional costs will be discussed before the design is signed off.

Payment Terms

We request a 50% commencement payment for projects with budgets over $2,000.

We require final invoices to be paid prior to product launch.

All invoices have 14 day payment terms.

All project files and material remain the property of Ionata Pty Ltd until full payment of accounts. Website’s without a current web hosting package will be disabled on 1st of the month.