Developed by Ionata Digital for the Allergen Bureau, an Australian based industry organisation, VITAL® (Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling) Online is an award winning online standardised allergen risk assessment tool for Australian and New Zealand based food producers and manufacturers.

VITAL® was developed to make a single simple standardised precautionary statement available to assist food producers in presenting allergen advice consistently for allergic consumers.


Ionata Digital transformed the Allergen Bureau’s offline processes and assessment tool into an online service that could be offered worldwide to their members and the general public.


Starting with the core business logic behind the VITAL science and assessment tool, and then extending the feature set to cover all the surrounding functionality required to manage organisations, users, subscriptions, invoicing and payments for an online service, VITAL offers the full suite of functionality expected of an online software-as-a-service platform.


Prior to VITAL there was limited guidance for food manufacturers to assist them with when and how to label cross contact allergens. This has resulted in precautionary statements being used inconsistently and sometimes inappropriately on food products. The choices of foods for consumers with a food allergy can be further reduced where precautionary statements are used unnecessarily. VITAL has clarified and standardised precautionary usage and made risk assessment more precise for the benefit of industry and consumers alike.

The project continues to take full advantage of Ionata Digital’s skilled UX designers, front-end creatives, database specialists, application development team and system administrators. VITAL is a strong example of Ionata Digital’s ability to build and manage complex technical systems while maintaining a clear focus on the end-user needs of our clients.

Launched by the Allergen Bureau in mid-2015 VITAL Online has been recognised for its quality and innovation. At the Tasmanian iAwards, VITAL Online received awards for:

  • Infrastructure & Platforms Innovation of the Year
  • Research & Development Project of the Year
  • Industrial & Primary Industries
  • TasICT Presidents Award 2016 for Overall Excellence

VITAL Online was also named as the winner of the Australian Institute for Food Science & Technology (AIFST) 2016 Food Industry Innovation Award.

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