The Sense-T Tourism Tracking Project project is a unique hi-tech partnership between the Tasmanian Government, CSIRO, the University of Tasmania and the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania with technology and data visualisation provided by Ionata Digital.


The Tourism Tracer project is now available as a commercial product. Gulliver from Tourism Research Technology maps and analyses tourist behaviour to generate systems-level insights helping partners achieve their goals in sustainable tourism.

Gulliver Tourism Research Technology

We had the task of developing an app that could monitor the exact movements of tourists within Tasmania while also collecting insights into tourist’s demographics and what influences their decisions while in the state.

Each visitor was given a mobile phone with the tracking app developed by Ionata Digital for the duration of their trip in Tasmania. The app aimed to determine the likes and dislikes of the tourist, discover where they spend most of their time and what caused them to decide to visit particular locations while they were in the state.

The app creates a map of where the tourist has been and surveys tourists regarding their social media behaviour.  The user can complete surveys on arrival and departure from the state as well as geofenced survey’s that pop-up if a tourist visits a particular area.


The purpose of the app was to collect data and then use this data to guide marketing and investment decisions in the tourism industry and in time improve the visitor experience in Tasmania.

The app we created is:

  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Android compatible

The app is an invaluable source of tourism data that will help better understand visitors and their travel patterns.  This will allow the tourism industry to be prepared and attract more tourism.

Data visualisation

As well as developing the app that collected the data and middleware that passed captured data through to the Sense-T Data Platform, Ionata Digital also worked with the project team to develop detailed visualisations demonstrating the power of the captured data.

Animations showing how tourists moved around Tasmania on their first day in the state allowed the project team to show the value of the data that was collected through the project.


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