Tourism Tracer uses cutting edge GPS technology and world leading computer programming to understand the travel behaviour of tourists.

This technology allows the tourism industry to access information on tourist behaviour in extraordinary detail.

The dashboard is among the first tools of its kind in the world, a purpose-built online tool for the tourism industry.

The dashboard and the tourism research app which feeds data into it are now commercially available from Tourism Research Technology.

Gulliver Tourism Research Technology


Visitors to Tasmania, Japan and Sweden can install the Tourism Tracer app (iOS and Android), which records their demographic details and tracks their movements during their stay.

The Dashboard provides online access to GPS data (and other information captured through pop-up surveys) collected via the app.

Animations showing how tourists move around is combined with demographic data, which can help the tourism industry become better equipped to offer high-quality travel experiences.

In real time, you can see where visitors go, how long they stop and what infrastructure is being used.



Award winning

In June 2018 Tourism Tracer took home three Tasmanian iAwards in ‘Consumer Markets’, ‘Infrastructure & Platforms Innovation’ & ‘R&D Project of the Year’.

The team will be heading to the National iAwards in Melbourne in August 2018.

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