How do you take the potentially daunting task of redesigning both the look and the functionality of the website of a critically important state government department, while keeping within strict budget limitations?

At Ionata Digital we produced a quality content management result, on budget, that delivered a fast, clear, high availability web presence for Tasmania Police.

Tasmania Police is committed to providing easily accessible information through their website. They identified the need to improve the visual appeal, clarity and functionality of their website to allow for real-time uploads, in-house updates and spikes in traffic during times of crisis or emergency – all within concise budget limitations.

Collaborating with Hobart Design, we created a robust website that was visually clear and clean, simple to update, and critically was able to handle periods of intense traffic during events where Tasmanian Police are the necessary channel for people to receive up-to-the-minute, accurate information.

The key was in understanding that a member of the public using the website needed to be in control from the very first click, and that information could be navigated to, and accessed, intuitively and quickly. It also needed to have a ‘no-nonsense’ back end that allowed Tasmania Police staff a minimum of training and maintenance.

What was delivered was a quality result, delivered on time and on budget.

Our experience in providing effective content management systems by simultaneously considering both its build and design results in an ease of use by both the ‘customer’ and the ‘operator’. Plus, having delivered numerous projects for both State and Commonwealth departments, we’re also sensitive to the defensible use of public money, and aware of the need to provide a clear deliverable and value proposition.

At Ionata we can build the right content management outcome for any situation.

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