The Tasmanian State Emergency Service (SES) provides vital emergency information and resources to Tasmanians during severe weather events such as flood, storms and tsunamis*.

They wanted to redevelop their website with a clear strategic direction and integration of flood and storm emergency management.

That’s where we came in.

A new website with user-centred experience design would provide better support over periods of intense traffic during events where the SES are the necessary channel for up-to-the-minute, accurate emergency response information.

Always be prepared

Our goals were to provide clear information and direction on severe weather emergencies in a way that all users could access and understand, and to reduce the number of non-emergency calls to the SES and Triple Zero.

We structured the content into 3 stages of emergency to support education and improved information access:

  1. Plan & prepare. Information on how to ready your family and property for a severe weather emergency.
  2. During an event. What — and what not — to do when a flood, storm, tsunami or landslide occurs.
  3. Recovery. When the emergency is passed, how do you go about cleaning up, repairing the damage and recovering any losses?


This is not a drill

The new website also includes an ‘Emergency mode’ that can be activated during a severe weather event. When enabled, the homepage is transformed to highlight key information such as road closures, evacuation centre locations and current warnings.

The emergency mode panel is also accessible throughout the site, ensuring critical information is readily available in times of emergency.



*For real. Tsunamis can happen in Tasmania.

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