Monitoring marine environments using custom website and app.

How do you take all the best bits from a successful website and streamline them into a practical and intuitive iPhone and Android App?

We took the practicalities of a ‘real-world’ need and applied them to the tools and tech that already exists within a smartphone.

The result is an intuitive App linked to the highly successful Redmap project, that functions perfectly for the user – a recreational fisher (who is most likely on a boat, with more important things on their mind…)



Redmap is a resource developed by Ionata Digital for the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies where recreational fishers can log photos and locations of their catches to help identify suspected changes in the distribution of marine species.

Monitored by the scientific community, the information provided to the Redmap website helps to paint a clearer picture on the effects of climate change.

So, picture this: you’re out fishing. You make a catch. There’s an impressive fish on the end of your line but you haven’t caught it in this area before. You decide you want to submit it to Redmap to have a scientist verify if this fish is out of its normal habitat!

Before the development of our App you’d have to take a photo there and then, get home, download the photo, login to the Redmap site, and then try to remember when and where you were when you caught the fish.

With the Redmap App you can simply open the App and take a photo, punch in your best guess at the type of fish – that’s it. Records of the date, the time and the GPS location will be grabbed straight from your smartphone making it quick and simple to log a sighting. And if you’re offshore or out of range, all the data is stored and uploaded when your phone has a signal again. Easy.

Applying the same processes that we bring to all our work, we wanted to ensure the App was created with the user in mind, without compromising either the experience, or the quality of the information collected.

Essentially, we wanted to create an App that was as ‘simple’ to use as possible. That doesn’t mean the App was basic – it meant that we had to carefully consider what functions were required and how it would be used.

At Ionata Digital we believe that the best solutions come from looking at a challenge from all angles, and understanding who, how, when, where and why something is being used. In fact if a user doesn’t consider our role at all, it could be argued we’ve done our job perfectly.

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