A vibrant and dynamic site that positively contributes to the local economy and community.

The redevelopment of Macquarie Point aims to restore and energise a site that has long been associated with industrial freight and rail purposes to a significant place and hub for the people of Tasmania

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation will seek to liaise and engage with the community to develop a framework for development of a site that will significantly shape Hobart’s future landscape. Macquarie Point is a project for the people of Tasmania and will be a mixed-use development that must connect, engage and complement existing activities and infrastructure. Our web development and strategy took into account the goals of the corporation and enabled us to deliver:

  • A clean, user friendly interface
  • responsive build, tailored from small to large screens and everything in-between
  • A platform for the client to engage the community
  • A powerful tool for promotion and development of Hobart’s waterfront.

The Macquarie Point Project is currently in the initial planning phase with the aim to establish a proposed framework for development. Your views, opinions and ideas are welcomed at macquariepoint.com

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