How do you take a ‘bricks and mortar’ store with a loyal customer base and a dedicated audience of over 20,000 Facebook followers, and combine the two to create a flexible online shopping site that still says true to the essence of the brand?

We developed a sophisticated e-commerce website for Esther Boutique that not only worked simply and efficiently but also had the capacity to scale as fast as the company needed.


Talita Schramm was 19 when she started Launceston-based Esther Boutique in 2004. In the tough retail sector of fashion Talita thrived, and soon opened a second boutique in Hobart. With an eye for trends beyond the four walls of her store, Talita was also steadily building a strong following on Facebook, using the powerful social media tool as a way to give her customers insights into upcoming trends and early warning for sales.

Online retail sales are currently growing at more than 15 times the rate of the overall retail sector.* As well as a ready-made customer base within her Facebook followers, Talita identified a need for an e-commerce solution that suited her existing clients and attracted new clients, and also had the capability for her staff to quickly and easily update stock and information.

But how?

It’s said that “success in retail is in the detail”, which is why Ionata’s technology solution for Esther Boutique had to be reliable, simple and quick to implement. Our first step was to analyse Talia’s business needs – what her team required and what her customers wanted – to ensure that the right experiences were matched to the right technology decisions.

We identified the importance of seamlessly integrating the ‘hands-on’ Esther Boutique experience with the ‘always-open’ internet boutique – both in terms of functionality of the shopping experience and the personal atmosphere of the Esther brand.

We took Talita’s vision and created a technology solution that – above all else – worked.

* Source:

The Australian: Big jump in online retail sales says NAB index
3 April 2012

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