How do you package extensive government resources into a powerful, relevant and helpful portal for every Tasmanian business?

This project required a strategic approach to ensure that the extensive amount of information provided by Business Tasmania could be found by its wide user group. 

Achieving that was no small task. But the outcome is something we’re very proud of.

How we did it.

From the outset we were conscious of the vital role that planning, strategy and stakeholder management would need to play.

That’s why we started this project by considering the user; it’s one thing to have a website that holds a vast amount of resources, but we needed to understand the actions behind the users of the Business Tasmania website.

One of our insights was as simple as it was obvious: people take the shortest route to getting the answers they need, and that usually involves Google. So rather than assuming everyone would enter via the home page, we ensured that the entire website was search engine optimised, allowing users to jump straight relevant landing page, which then led to the information needed.

That is just one small example from what was a rigorous planning process, which involved incorporating a comprehensive government strategy into a highly functional website.

As well as the planning and management of the project, we also ensured that the website was highly functional and responsive to the device it was being viewed on, be it mobile, tablet or desktop. 

From a welcoming search function on the home screen through to an impressive depth of information, resources and the interaction available through social media platforms, offers the user a wealth of content.


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