Road safety is no trivial subject. In the past 12 months in Tasmania alone there have been 13 serious accidents involving school aged children and buses.

In conjunction with local design house OneTonne Graphic, we built a bold, fun and engaging educational website for the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources which was designed to not only meet the needs of key stakeholders, but most importantly the needs of the school children themselves.

How we did it.

‘Engagement’ is a term we hear a lot. In fact we admit to using it pretty heavily ourselves! But what it actually means is vitally important – never more so than for this project. To educate kids about road safety we needed to engage them, entertain them and teach them something – something absolutely vital – in a fun, memorable and entertaining way. We needed to present a serious message in a fun way to ensure they kept coming back to the website, so that the issue of road safety remained as top-of-mind as possible.

So, we got incredibly bold and incredibly creative.


Information alone wouldn’t suffice for our key target audience. And no-one feels particularly engaged (there’s that word again) when they are lectured to. That’s why as well as providing a stunning visual style, the website hosts a range of information around road safety including quizzes, paper craft activities and an illustration to colour in.

Importantly, the site is also a resource for parents, teachers and bus drivers – a wide range of demographics who all need to understand the importance of our message.

We are proud to say our strategy, development and delivery is part of aiming a zero accident record on our roads.

At Ionata we believe that a good website is more than just how it looks. It has to work. Because sometimes the stakes can be very high indeed.

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