How do you provide a consistent online experience, including a web-based ordering system for catering, across a chain of stores all run by individual franchisees?

At Ionata Digital we came up with a seamless website with an integrated ordering system that makes the incredibly complex look incredibly easy.

How we did it.

Banjo’s Bakery Cafes are a highly successful network of over 36 stores spread across Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. But their online presence was in need of a refresh, and a re-engineer. As every store is run by a different owner, we needed to provide an interactive website that met the needs of every individual store, while providing a consistent user experience – no matter where in Australia the customer is.

As well as providing a highly functional online experience, the Banjo’s website also houses an ordering function for catering. The variables for this feature are many, with products, quantities, collection time and payment information all needing to be housed in a quick, friendly and accessible format.

Working in collaboration with the dedicated OneTonne Graphic design studio, we developed a bespoke system that meets the needs of both the franchisee, so they can update pricing and content to their particular store, and the customer, who, without being aware of it, gets to experience a seamless process.

At Ionata Digital we produced a robust website – but we also successfully engineered a solid business process.

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