Riverfront Motel + Villas

Minutes away from some of Hobart’s biggest attractions, this local icon was in need of a design refresh. One that reflected its personality and history.


Southlander Group


March 2019

Our role

Design, Development, Project management

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The brief

Sitting on the edge of the water, the Riverfront Motel + Villas features a wide range of accommodation options to suit everyone. Its bright yellow archway is a local icon, beloved by passersby for decades.

The owners were keen for a bright new website design, and to expand their content to promote their restaurant. Our aim was to reintroduce this local legend as the basecamp for exploring southern Tasmania.

Affordable, family friendly accommodation.

The solution

We were pretty excited to be given charge of reintroducing the motel. And with ideas flying everywhere, one thing stood out to us the whole time: location, location, location.

The Riverfront is practically on MONA’s doorstep, so why not show everyone just how close? We partnered with the talented Natasha Mulhall in filming aerial footage to feature on the homepage, and photographing the extensive Riverfront grounds.

Simple, minimal layouts allow the Riverfront’s best assets to shine through. From accommodation options to their locally-renowned restaurant.

Iconic and unmissable.