New Horizons Preschool

A Reggio Emilia inspired preschool, with campuses in both Battery Point and Lenah Valley, needed an update – 12 years after we built their original website for them!


New Horizons Preschool


November 2018

Our role

Design, Development, Project management

Want a look?

Launch site

The brief

After 15 years of business growth, encompassing a whole new campus and pedagogical offering, New Horizons Preschool’s current website just wasn’t working hard enough for them. It was outdated, and in no way represented the beauty of the current preschools, nor the education on offer. They needed a complete overhaul. New website, new content, new photography.


The solution

As parents ourselves, we knew exactly how to tackle this complete redesign. With so many parents in the Ionata office – this project was a no-brainer for us. We needed to¬†present vital info clearly and concisely, and well: beautifully. We needed to be user-focused, and we needed to sell the feel of New Horizons, before you’ve even stepped through the front door.

We collaborated with photographer Samuel Shelley to capture the renovated campuses (and the happy children!).

We pulled the content apart and condensed it.

We focused on the children and their experiences.

And the outcome?

We’d all like to go back to preschool now, please!

Oh and the client is over the moon. As are their¬†clients. It looks great, it’s highly functional, and it’s converting!


Play, reflect, listen, engage, learn.