Mount Carmel College

Improving educational opportunities for young women, equipping them with the skills to make a positive contribution to society. Nurturing, challenging, caring.


Mount Carmel


October 2019

Our role

Design, Development, Project management

Want a look?

Launch site

The brief

Mount Carmel had been battling away with an outdated website for some time. It wasn’t promoting the beautiful setting and outstanding facilities the college provides, nor the inspiring environment that is presented to students.

At Mount Carmel College they live by the values of love, justice, hope and compassion – making our job easy. Create a warm, happy site! Can do.

The solution

Mount Carmel have a strong, clear brand, and great photography. They were clear on what they wanted, and they very happily gave us full creative control. We ran with it. We created a crisp, beautiful site, aided by subtle animations. We helped condense their content for an improved user experience. We made the site super mobile friendly, because let’s be honest – parents aren’t using their desktop computers anymore. They’re on the go, they’re busy, and they want this info as quickly as possible, in the palm of their hands.

And the outcome?

Everyone’s happy! We’re happy. The clients are happy. The school community is happy. And most of all – the administration staff are happy! Not only does the upgrade look and feel much more ‘on brand’, it has also cut administration time on the client’s end by 60%. It’s a win for everyone!

We nurture. We challenge. We care.