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6 reasons to have a business blog

There are various benefits to business blogging.  In it’s simplest form a blog can be defined as an ongoing chronicle of information.  A blog gives you the freedom to talk about any topic you want and therefore play to the strengths of your business.

The importance of coffee

Never underestimate the value of a coffee. Since its discovery in the Ethiopian highlands by Kaldi the goatherd, coffee has, for many, become a vital daily ritual – not just for the social aspect, or the chance to get away from our desks, and not just for the regular two-hourly caffeine pick-me-ups… The ritual of the…

Landing pages and why you should care.

Picture you are designing a beautiful new homepage. A page that sums up everything that your organisation is and does with carefully crafted language and evocative photography. You are content knowing that this homepage will set the scene for the rest of your website because this is how people enter your site. Wrong! For most…

Hipper than craft beer and single speeds.

SEO – So hot right now. There is optimisation and there is optimisation. To clarify, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a deprecated term. Outside of technical requirements regarding code and semantics, quality progressive SEO is actually just a different name for your digital strategy.