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How to take payment online in 2017

We love selling online at Ionata Digital. It’s where the rubber meets the road of digital, where you can see the dollar value of all that work you have put into your search engine optimisation and email marketing. You’ve carefully photographed your products, tweaked your templates, crafted product descriptions that feature all the right keywords…

Don’t guess, test

We recently completed a usability testing for the Department of State Growth, taking a user-first approach to assessing a web interface, user flow, and information architecture for an upcoming web app. The results helped refine and improve design, enhance functionality, and resulted in better performance across the board.

Why and when to test

Martin, Toby and Jordanna have been undertaking coaching as part of the Digital Ready program recently which is a great chance to help business get the most out of their websites and social channels. Something that comes up regularly when coaching businesses is ecommerce solution is best for small businesses. We’ve used a bunch over…