Hack Day June 2018

Our Hack days are all about collaborating with each other, exploring new technology and testing ideas.

The June 2018 Hack day was no exception with a huge range of different projects, from exploring complex data query languages to Modern Art, to trips to Bunnings. Here’s a quick run down of all the amazing Hack Day Projects!


Hack Day June 2018


“I implemented Single Sign On (SSO) to our AWS accounts using our existing identity provider. It will remove the need for developers to manage their own AWS credentials and consolidate the management of users and permissions.” – Benjamin

Out of the closet

“I experimented with Nativescript-Vue to build a cross platform app to archive the clothing in your wardrobe.” – Nat

Who can’t find anything in their wardrobe? This App is something that would make life easier! While Nat was busy developing the Back-end, Toby put together some design concepts.


Keep Score, see Player Profiles & stats, some may say we are taking our office TT culture too far, to that we challenge them to a game!

Because we get pretty competitive with our TT Pat & Mitchell decided to build a simple score keeper to keep track of games and see who has the ultimate bragging rights. They built a VueJS frontend that authenticates and stores data using Googles Firebase. We will continue working on the App, and have a few more ideas on how to expand it!

Green Wall Hack

“A much needed splash of green showcased on the greatest Kmart hack of the age.” – Jordanna

It’s no secret we love plants at the Ionata office and Jordanna & Beth used the opportunity to expand the plants to people ratio even more. They ventured to the top 3 places for any DIY-er: Bunnings, Kmart & of course the Tip Shop. They turned a Kmart Clothes Hanger into a beautiful vertical plant wall by adding rope shelves.

Rust vs GraphQL

“I explored both rust and graphQL, writing a graphQL API in rust and then in django, and comparing and contrasting the effort involved in each.” – Darko

Modern Art Staircase

“I changed the face of the world with electrical tape and gumption.” – Toby

You can fix almost anything with tape, and we definitely fixed our entryway! After a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in Sydney a few weeks ago, Martin decided he wanted to try his hand at some himself. I think it’s safe to say Toby & Martin aced it!


“I fixed a bug in the Secret Browser Add-on and wrote documentation how to use and develop it (if need arises). I’ve also started on a translation of the PingPong-athon web app into Flutter.” – Evo

“Secret” is Ionata’s very own in-house Password Manager. Built by Evo, this extension is used hundreds of times a week! It automatically populates the username & password fields when a short key is pressed. This saves us so much time, I think this Project deserves to be entered into the “Hack Day Hall of Fame”.

VueJS CMS Interface

“I experimented with an extensible CMS user interface for VueJS projects. One that would be easy to integrate, highly customisable and suited for projects that do not require complex relational database stores.” – Tim

Google Home "Pull my finger"

“I experimented with Google Actions and Dialogflow to make a Google Home flatulent.” – Pat

We all take Hack Day pretty seriously! But how amazing would it be to program your own Google Home to do to everything you say, well done Pat!