Why and when to test

Martin, Toby and Jordanna have been undertaking coaching as part of the Digital Ready program recently which is a great chance to help business get the most out of their websites and social channels.

Something that comes up regularly when coaching businesses is ecommerce solution is best for small businesses. We’ve used a bunch over the years at Ionata Digital and we’ve been bitten by more than our fair share of ecommerce solutions too, so we think we’re in a pretty good place to answer this question.

What to look for

So what should you be looking for in an ecommerce platform for your small business? There are a few things that are really important including a nice simple check out process for customers and strong search engine optimisation of category and product pages.

But something that you shouldn’t overlook is how friendly the admin interface is. If you’re store takes off you are going to be picking and packing orders, updating inventory and managing your store daily. For this reason we suggest you go with an online store which is an ecommerce solution first rather than a plugin for a content management system.

This is one of the reasons that we love Shopify at Ionata Digital. The admin interface is all about what you need to do day to day when running your online store. First up there is a comprehensive dashboard which gives you a holistic and detailed view of your business to better understand sales, orders, and audience to better tailor your products and marketing.

Order management is super easy too and once you are really raking in the orders you can make user accounts who are restricted to processing orders so you can scale up packing and shipping.

Making your life easier

Ideally you want your online store make your life easier and that means your ecommerce platform needs to integrate with your email marketing and your accounting system.

With Shopify there are over 1000 apps like Mailchimp, Xero Accounting, and Kit, that seamlessly integrate with Shopify to help you grow and scale your business.

Get started with Shopify now.

There is a free 14 day trial available (and not one of those sneaky trials that make you put in your credit card first and hope you forget, a real free trial)!

Alternately come in and have a chat about your business and we would be happy to help you get set-up and selling online.