We love selling online at Ionata Digital. It’s where the rubber meets the road of digital, where you can see the dollar value of all that work you have put into your search engine optimisation and email marketing.

You’ve carefully photographed your products, tweaked your templates, crafted product descriptions that feature all the right keywords but are still friendly for people reading your site and now it’s time to actually take payments for your products.

The great news is that in 2017 it’s quicker and easier to take payments online than it’s ever been before.

The Dark Ages

For a long time if you wanted to accept credit card payments through your website you needed to be an internet merchant with your bank and then either subscribe to your bank’s or a third parties payment gateway.

This was pretty hard work and a really slow process. In order to be an internet merchant with a bank there were lots of hoops to jump through including risk assessment and some pretty tricky set-up required.

On top of that the bank charged you a monthly fee whether you made any sales or not! Not at all friendly for new businesses just starting out.

And now the good news!

You don’t have to do any of that any more. There are now a number of different ways to take credit card payments through your website without being an internet merchant or waiting for your banks approval to sell online!

A new generation of payment solutions allows you start taking money in minutes not weeks.


Pin Payments

First off is an Australian payment solution, Pin Payments. Pin Payments is an all-in-one payment solution enabling Australian businesses to accept online credit card payments, without the requirement of having a merchant account. Pin Payments charges 1.75% + 30c on AUD transactions with no lock-in contracts or monthly fee and a local, responsive support team.


Developer friendly and the big international player in this new generation of payment solutions is Stripe. Stripe is super simple to set-up and has a great set of developer tools to help you take payment through web applications or online stores. Stripe also charges charges 1.75% + 30c on AUD transactions with no monthly fees.


Finally, if you are setting up a Shopify store then Shopify has it’s own payment solution which is built into the platform. Shopify charges charges 1.75% + 30c on AUD transactions but right now they also charge an additional 2% if you are using an alternate external payment gateway so it really is best value to use the Shopify payment gateway to take payments through your Shopify site.