Should you boost Facebook posts?

If you’re keeping an eye on the reach of your Facebook posts you know that not all of your followers see all of your posts. In fact most of your followers completely missed your latest social media masterpiece.

Last year Locowise reported that the average reach for posts from Facebook pages in was 2.6% for large pages (more that 1,000,000 likes). The good news is that small pages fair a lot better with pages with less than 1,000 likes reaching 22.8% of their followers with posts. What ever size your page is though the Facebook isn’t showing your posts to the majority of your followers.


Boosting posts

The good news is that Facebook has a solution for you. On all your posts you’ll see a handy little ‘boost’ button which will allow you to pay to increase the reach of your post.

Boosting a post allows you to move your posts up the Facebook rankings and have the post appear in follower’s and other Facebook user’s feed increasing the number of people your post will reach.

So boosting a post allows you to pay Facebook to show your post to your followers. Sure it feels a bit mean given all the work you’ve put into building up your Facebookfollowers and now you have to pay to reach them but good to have the option to make sure they see your post.

Show ALL the people

If you click that ‘Boost Post’ button there are some configuration options available and this is where you need to be careful to get the best value from your boosted post.

By default Facebook will show boosted posts to your followers and their friends and this is where boosting posts can go off the rails. Your followers are going to have a wide variety of Facebook friends, people they went to school with, colleagues, family. Boosting a post to followers and friends means you are going to be paying to get this post in front of all these people who don’t necessarily have the same interests and may not even be located in the same city.

Do you really want to be paying to promote your business to this random group of people? The whole point of advertising on Facebook is that you use people’s demographic data to target your specific customer base.

You could potentially be spending money to engage the wrong followers.

Targeting your boosted posts

The good news is that boosting posts comes with the same targeting options available through Facebook Ads.

Skip right over ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ option and select ‘People you choose through targeting’. From this screen you can create an audience for your post targeting exactly who you would like to see your post.

Running a bricks and mortar store? Make sure you target your local area, don’t bother paying to show your post to people on the other side of the world. Selling a range of designer dresses? Target female Facebook users.

Once you have defined an audience you can use it save it and use it again for your next boosted post and by putting in a little extra effort to target your ad spending you will be getting the best value out of your advertising budget and maximising your returns.