How to advertise on Instagram

Instagram is the future of social media marketing. There over 300 million active users so it shouldn’t be overlooked when considering online advertising.

In order to advertise on Instagram you will need a Facebook Account, a Facebook Page and an Instagram Account. Instagram is owned by Facebook hence why Instagram advertising is done through Facebook.

Connecting to Instagram

To connect an Instagram account to a Facebook page, visit your page (you need to be an administrator) and go to the Settings area. Then ‘add an account’. You are able to use an existing account or you can create a new one.  Then open the Facebook Ads manager (which can be accessed by selecting the the drop down triangle next to privacy settings in the top right hand corner of the menu and then scroll down to ‘create ads’).  


Choose the objective for the campaign. For example; ‘Send people to your website’. Pick the URL where you want people to go after they click on the ad.


Make your choice 

Choose the country, currency and time zone you require.  Then set the appropriate audience to target including location, age, gender and language. Think carefully about your selection as choosing your audience is the most important step.  Then decide on your budget; define how much you’d like to spend and when you’d like your adverts to appear.



Then change the format by choosing single or multiple images.  Select media by uploading an image or choosing a stock image.  Thought should be put in to the type of image you want.  An image cannot have more than 20% text and needs to be the standard instagram image size (612 x 612 pixels).  The image should be relevant and consistent with your brand.

There are images, videos and carousel ads to choose from.  Image ads normally consist of an image with a call to action button at the bottom of the ad, such as “Apply Now”, “Contact Us”, “Donate Up” or “Donate Now”.  Video ads enable you to share videos up to 30 seconds long and can be uploaded in portrait or landscape format.  A carousel ad allows a user to swipe the ad to see additional images.


Enter the text for your advert and choose whether you want a call to action.

Finally, place your order and pay for your adverts. Congratulations you’ve created your first Instagram advertisement!