6 reasons to have a business blog

There are various benefits to business blogging.  In it’s simplest form a blog can be defined as an ongoing chronicle of information.  A blog gives you the freedom to talk about any topic you want and therefore play to the strengths of your business.

1. It generates more site traffic

Each blog post is another indexed page which can then show up in search engines which organically drive more traffic to your site. Make sure your blog posts answer common customer questions, if people are asking you then they will also be asking Google. With this increase in traffic aim to convert traffic into leads.

2. Demonstrates you are an expert in your field

By blogging about topics that are an area of expertise helps a business establish authority and credibility.  It can also build trust and establish your business as an industry leader.  As time goes on, your business blog posts can become an ongoing resource for customers which may lead to an increase in customer conversion rates.

3. Builds social media engagement

Once you’ve finished your blog article post it to social media. Blogging allows you to maintain an active social media presence. Coming up with regular social media content can be challenging so sharing a blog on social media is a great way of posting content.

It also gives your audience the chance to share your blog with others on different media channels.  Whether that be Twitter retweets, Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares or Pinterest Pins. Encourage sharing as it’s free marketing and it further validates you as a credible business.

Once you’ve shared the blog post on social media you may choose to go on to share content through email newsletters.

4. It's an opportunity to communicate with customers

Blogs like social media should be a two way street.  It can give the customer an opportunity to learn something and for them to communicate with your business.  Rather than preaching at the customer, give them the opportunity to communicate back, this will strengthen the relationship. You can ask and answer questions and have a section for reader’s comments.

5. It builds your brand

Having a blog adds a personal touch and humanizes a brand. It gives the business a personality, reinforces the brand and tells the customer what you’re all about.  Regularly posting valuable and honest articles helps customers trust your brand.  It also gives you the opportunity to talk about products and services relevant to your brand and also differentiate yourself from your competitors.

6. It keeps your website current

Frequently posting content keeps the website fresh allowing your site to get more exposure through search engines. Compliment regular posts with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to obtain a higher ranking position in the search engine results page.