The importance of coffee

Never underestimate the value of a coffee.

Since its discovery in the Ethiopian highlands by Kaldi the goatherd, coffee has, for many, become a vital daily ritual – not just for the social aspect, or the chance to get away from our desks, and not just for the regular two-hourly caffeine pick-me-ups… The ritual of the coffee break gives us time to sit down and reflect, and the opportunity to take a minute to assess where we are, where we are going and how we are getting there.

This introspection, regularly applied to your website, can provide you with the insights you need to keep it special.

Next time you are sipping on that nectar of the caffeine gods, have a little catch up with your website. Take a minute to sit back, put your feet up, put the site in front of you and visit with it just like you would a friend. Ask it:

What’s new?

Has any of your feature content changed? When the site launched you needed to make certain messages prominent. Are they still relevant? Are they still important? Giving your home page an update is a great way to breathe new life into your website again.

How’s your health?

It may have been a while since you checked the stats, but don’t avoid the check up for too long. By looking at what people are doing and when, you can decide what parts of your site are working well and what could be improved. Obvious? Maybe. But it is about making time to take it in.

Have you done something with your hair?

Ok, you may look at the site everyday, but this can lead to blindness too. Take a moment to read the words with fresh eyes. Better still, create a different way to look at your site: if you are used to seeing it on your desktop, load it up on a laptop or a tablet or a mobile. It’s amazing what a fresh perspective will do!

You still working?

Are people doing what you want them to do on your site? Can they get the answers they need? Are they contacting us or booking tickets or ordering products? If not, why not? And is your website strategy still as relevant as it was when you launched?

It may be that your site is performing perfectly and you can sip your coffee, give it a slap on the back and feel satisfied with the fruits of your labours. But that regular catch up is what keeps your relationship on track – and in the changing world of web, it is worth taking the time.