Strategy to the extreme

Content strategy, digital strategy, social media strategy, marketing strategy, corporate strategy, digital content strategy, content marketing strategy, digital marketing social media strategy … and on, until you are are strategically strategising straight into the stratosphere.

Have you ever felt like you need a strategy to determine what strategy you should be using? Do too many strategies spoil the broth? Have you seen enough smart art strategic diagrams to make your head spin?

There are many important reasons to approach your business activities from a strategic point of view, and doing so will ensure that your operations are well-planned, insightful and cost-effective, not reactive or rash and needlessly expensive.

Importantly, your strategies do not need to not sit idly in isolation on a shelf – they can align to deliver measurable success to your organisation.

When you it comes to online, your business should consider the why, what, when, who and how of your business goals:

Corporate business and marketing strategies

These ‘why’ and ‘when’ strategies identify business-wide goals and initiatives that set the high level directives your online presence will be working towards. This might include targets based on the vision, mission, values and is generally based around market appeal (sales being key for long term sustainability). It ensures you know why you will be delivering online, and when you are expecting results. One of the ways you will be meet the corporate business targets will be determined by your marketing strategies. This is a ‘what’ strategy that defines what activities will be used to meet the objectives.

Content strategy

This ‘what’ and ‘who’ strategy will identify business and customer needs and provide direction on how improved content and content processes can help to achieve your specific objectives. It’s not linear a continual process of improvement and outlines the curation, creation and governance of all content for your organisation. Content strategy is generally defined in two areas: the people components (who will deliver content and who is responsible for it), and the content components (what is being said and what structural format it takes).

Digital strategy

The ‘how’ strategy. In order to deliver your business, marketing and content strategies you need to ensure that the right platforms are utilised, and this may include websites, social, ecommerce, mobile, online tools and even SEO. Your digital strategy will set out how you will use each platform, how they will work together, and how these will integrate with offline channels.

What do I do next?

The broad brush statements above are merely hinting at the possibilities, but we beg you to consider everything you are doing online in terms of your greater goals. It is not enough to decide that you want a website or a FB page without considering what you want to do with them; what your goals are. They work ok in isolation, but every digital platform will work better if you know how they are going to deliver for you.

So dig up and dust off all your strategic plans and make sure they all know each other – its your next step to planning your way forward.