Let’s play NBN Cow Pat Bingo

NBN Co spokesman And­rew Sholl said … “Ionata’s building should be ready for service by the end of this month.” (August 2014)

So it’s now November 18 and we’re still on the magical NBN merry-go-round. We’re still getting questions from NBNCo such as “Are you located on an estate?’ and “Have you applied for a connection” with the end result being fairly standard for our experience – ‘we’ll get back to you…next week’. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone operated around that wonderful concept of ‘next week’? No dates, planning or service delivery – just ‘next week’

We went through the rage phase back at the start of 2013.



We laughed from late 2013 until June 2014

We moved office with assurance connection would not be an issue (rookie mistake on our part for believing that statement)



To now be told to call back for an ‘update’ at the tail end of 2014 is utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly ludicrous.

Regardless of the logistical incompetencies NBNCo, VisionStream and contractors exhibit daily this just begs the question ‘do you even PR?”

If we are unable to be connected to fibre, unable to be reconnected to copper, unable to operate efficiently over direct microwave link, what are our options?

Meanwhile our microwave web connection splutters along.

We’re grateful to be connected, no doubt about it. But our business is being impacted daily by the speed of our connection.

Our efficiency is severely diminished and it’s not hard to see how this effects bottom lines. Even a using conservative estimate of 2 hours choked up per employee, per week for 48 working weeks gives you an idea of the impact (FYI we have 10 FT employees at the moment – run the maths for your business).

We’re looking at big dollars and as the requirements for us as digital creators grow and the technologies advance, this is only going to worsen.

All is not lost though…

We’re still trying to get a positive out of the situation though, so we’re proud to invite you to play a game of NBN Cow Pat Bingo with us.

Rules are simple. Use the form to select a date any time in the future you think Ionata will have an active connection to the fibre network NBNCo have so conveniently run past our front door.

Competition closed


For the winner.

We might do a pewter casting of a cow pat with some cat5 cable embedded?

But seriously, there’ll be PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES.

Closest date will get one of these within a fortnight of our connection.


In the mean time

We keep checking to see if we can get coverage but keep getting the same answer… maybe it’ll change ‘next week.’