Launch. Rinse. Repeat.


Your website is live. Box ticked. Job done. Time for a daiquiri and a foot rub…

Um, we’ll just stop right there before you get the wrong impression.

Your website is not complete. In fact, it’s never complete. It’s a living, heaving beast that requires your constant care and affection. It’s an extension of your business and as your business expands and pivots, so too should your web presence.

After the dust has settled, there are some simple tasks you can look at to really pep up your digital marketing.


Analytics 101

You should always have access to your analytics. If you don’t, get access as a priority and review your stats at regular intervals. Analytics let you review how users are arriving at your site, what device they are using and what content they are consuming. All very valuable stuff if you’re trying boost conversions. (Pro tip – white list IP addresses form within your internal network. Chances are a fair chunk of your initial traffic will be from excited staff!)


It might be early to talk about making changes to landing pages or conversion funnels but if it’s costing leads, it’s never too early. No prelaunch strategy can catch all the edge cases around user behaviour. A/B testing using simple web based services however can give you some awesome insight into what does and doesn’t get your users active and interested.


Get your site in the mix with Google by running a juicy AdWords campaign. There’s no argument about expense as you dictate your own budget. If it boosts awareness, traffic and ongoing search value, we say it’s a hit.


Fresh, easy to read content. It sounds so simple, but without discipline it’s hard to create. Set yourself a calendar to check, update and create blog posts, videos, galleries and new products often. You need to keep your users coming back.  (Pro tip: Write it then cut it in half.)


The saying goes something like ‘80% of your of you business comes via 20% of your customers”. So look after them. Set up some simple data capture tools on your site and start growing a database of your users. This allows you to have an ongoing relationship with them via email that allows you to feed your most valuable users your best content. (Pro tip: No spammy or too-frequent emails. Just use succinct and simple hooks inviting users to to engage)


The title of this Launch Solid article  really says it best – Launching is a Myth. By all means celebrate your launch, but also prepare for the places your new site can take you. (Or end up like these guys…)