We learn and collaborate with you to deliver simple, elegant digital experiences.

On any given day, we’re working on a new app, a complicated business system or polishing the interface of a simple WordPress site – the web is central to everything we do at Ionata Digital. We work with a light touch – less meetings, more creating.

We craft websites for business, government and community groups. We build apps that make use of cameras, sensors and location services native to your mobile devices. We are social, connected, and leveraging emerging platforms.

To us, the web is the greatest enabler. That’s why we love it.

Meet the team

Eclectic? Yes. Awesome? Most certainly.

Ionata Digital was founded in 2001 by Martin and on the back of sustained quality output, has grown to a team of 10, all based in Hobart, Tasmania.

We’ve got a great team of operators, strategists, creative developers and out-and-out smart folks ready to start your next project. Here’s who’s who in the zoo right now.



Photo of Martin Anderson

Martin Anderson

Managing Director

Photo of Toby Wilson

Toby Wilson

Senior Account Manager

Photo of Rani Milne

Rani Milne

Account Manager

Photo of Cameron Jensen

Cameron Jensen

Vice-President of Aesthetics

Photo of Beth Lawler

Beth Lawler

Vice-President of Artisanship

Photo of Evo Stamatov

Evo Stamatov

Vice-President of iOS Development

Photo of Mitchell Phillips

Mitchell Phillips

Vice-President of Ticket Disposal

Photo of James Baker

James Baker

Vice-President of DevOps

Photo of Chris Darko

Chris Darko

Vice-President of R&D

Photo of Thomas Randle

Thomas Randle

Vice-President of Enterprise Application Development